Announcement: Update from the Community Manager

Munfel Kerman here, you’re friendly Kerbal Space Center resident Community Manager. If you notice a slow down of updates around here, don’t worry. We’re still hard up work out there in space, but updates are harder to make. There was a rearrangement of offices here in the civilian section of the KSC. A new Managed Operational Developer,  called PaladinLabs, has moved into my office. It wasn’t a big office to begin with and sharing a work space can be difficult, but my superiors tell me this is important work.

I’ve been asked to give them whatever assistance they require, and so I may not be available to make update in a timely fashion. I’ve requested permission to delay the updates here on the site until I have the time.

Announcement: Pushing back scheduled flights.

I have been on a satellite conference call with the other members of the command department for the last hour after the recent crash of one of our P-27/a Goshawk‘s on launch. Thankfully, everyone involved is just fine. The craft was undergoing a low altitude test after the Managed Operational Developer, B9 Aerospace, announced an update to their supply of parts. A preliminary analysis of the black box data and wreckage indicate that we will probably have to revisit each of our current space plane designs to re-certify them for flight.

As of now, all flights involving the following series of planes have been postponed: P-21 Chough, P-27 Goshawk, N-6 Ptarmigan, and R-1 Auk. Flights will resume for each series in turn as they are either proven to be space-worthy, modified to return to service, or replaced by newer models.

This does leave the Auditor IV mission in a rough patch. Myself and Lt. Harlong Kerman are currently waiting here at Tudor Station for the rest of our crew to be delivered by a space plane, and all of our space planes were just grounded. We have asked the KSA Administrator, Bill Kerman, to allow us the use of one cycle at the VAB/Launchpad and our request has been denied.

After much discussion, KSC Director Bob Kerman has given the go ahead to continue Auditor IV with just the crew on board now. Piloting duties will still be handled by TK. Hardin Kerman, but remotely from the KSC Mission control room. We will be without EVA specialist, and so Lt. Kerman and I will have to split those duties.

Lt. Harlong Kerman and Maj. Freddred Kerman on EVA near SB Beta, currently docked to Tudor Station.
Lt. Harlong Kerman and Maj. Freddred Kerman on EVA near SB Beta, currently docked to Tudor Station.